Winter Reading 2017   
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Important Messages

How does it work?
For every 100 minutes you read during Winter Reading, you'll receive a marble. Use your marble to vote for a fun, family-friendly program to be offered this summer!

What can you read?
Basically, anything. School books, newspapers, reading to your children, it all counts!

Are there programs?
Of course! We're celebrating 100 years of GPL not only by encouraging reading with our Winter Reading program, but also through fun programs for all ages!
Stephen King
Bad Dreams
I absolutely LOVE this book so far!! I'm still not finished reading this book, but I wanted to go ahead and share my thoughts of the book so far.
I had no idea that Stephen King wrote short stories and this book is filled with so many as well as a intro before each short story explaining why he wrote the story or how he got the ideas to write them. I have really enjoyed reading this book not only for the stories, but also because I have learned so much about Stephen King.
Childrens books
Read books with my children.
Peter Conners
White Hand Society
Psychedelic dudeeeeeeee